Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 SM-N900 NOTE 5 Style Custom Rom

New Norma Note 5  Rom For Samsung Galaxy Note 3 SM-N900

 -added UZBEKISTAN,Hong Kong,Philippines and Singapore csc
-Music fixed
-S-Voice fixed
-Car Mode fixed
-Note 5 6.0 Touchwiz 
-SystemUI Themed 6.0
-Icons 6.0
-Sec Mms 6.0
-Setup Wizard 6.0
-picconv added in BIN
-Added 3 Boot Animations in Aroma
-Keyboard Multi DPI
-Multi DPI selectable in Aroma

 Works on 
- -N9005
- -N9006
- -N900W8
- -N900S
- -N900K
- -N900L
- -N900D
- -N900T
- -N900P
- -SC-01F
- -SCL22
- -SC-02F

IMPORTANT At first start menu make sure DO NOT TICK DIAGNOSTIC DATA(Signal problems)

ROM Installation process:

1) FULL WIPE is highly recommended!
2) Go to CWM based recovery (PhilzTouch Recovery in recommended) by holding HOME - POWER - and VOL UP BUTTON
3) Choose "Install ZIP from sdcard"
4) Choose ROM zip file
5) Go through Aroma Installer and select, what you want
6) Wait for finishing flashing
7) Reboot and enjoy 


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