Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Samsung Galaxy S3 4G SHV-E210K S6 & Note 5 Style Custom Rom


Flashing Introductions

1. First Download from below Link and  extract the files

2. Next copy the extracted files to the sd    card Except CWM_E210K.tar.md5

3. Then Go to the download mode of your phone by pressing power    button + Home Button + Volume    Down button and then          volume up button on next menu

4. Then Flash CWM_E210K.tar.md5 Via Odin then    automatically restarts your phone

5. Now go to the recovery mode by pressing power button + home    button + volume up button 

5. Then Choose Instrall Zip From SD card 

6. Next Locate the file
 and flash it via cwm recovery

7. After automatically restarts your phone Go to the recovery    Menu 

8. And do Wipe Data/Factory Reset and Clear Delvicc cache

9. Next Flash the DmC First and then Flash Patch E210K  4.4.4 and

10. All Done Enjoy the new rom!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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