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Samsung Galaxy S3 SHV-E210L 4.4.4 Rom

මේ රොම් එක තමයි දැනට Galaxy S3 SHV-E210L ෆෝන් එකට හදලා තියෙන හොඳම රොම් එක ඒ වගේම තව දෙයක් කියන්න ඕනි මේ රොම් එක හදලා තියෙන්නෙ අපේ මේ පුංචි රටේ ඉන්න සහෝදරයෙක් අපි එයාව අගය කරන්න ඕනි එයාගෙ නම තමයි දිලීප අනුරාධ පෙරේරා ගොඩක් ස්තුතියි අයියා...... කට්ටිය රෝම් එක ගහලා බලන්නකෝ......


These The Few Features Of The ROM. (Well I Dont Remember All :P )

Note 4 Apps And UI.
Used Devil Kernel For Better Perfomance. (Overclock Ready!  )
SMS Fixed. (But No Delivery Reports  )
Smart Scroll/Pause Working Fine.
ViperFX preinstalled. (Everybody Likes Bass Isnt It!  )
UPSM Working.
Note 2 Slow Motion/Fast Motion Camera.
Deodexed Zipaligned.
Fixed USSD/MMI Codes.
Removed Most Of The Unwanted Apps.
Download Booster.
Better Wifi Reception.
4 Way Reboot.
Latest TWRP Recovery.
Sony Z1 Walkman Player Added.
Better Battery.
Xposed Added.
Ready As a Daily Driver.

--------------------How To Install!-------------------

Download V3 Zip File. (See Downloads)
Copy The Zip File to Internel Storage. (Or SD Card)
Reboot To Recovery. TWRP Recommended.(I Will Include TWRP as a TAR File. See Attachments)
Clear Data/Cache/System.
Install The ROM.

FIX 3G :

- Go To Mobile Ntwork > Access Point Names
- Add New APN.
- Apn Name- YourCarrier
- APN-YourCarrierDefaultAPN
- Finally Scroll Down And Select APN TYPE.
- Open And Edit APN TYPE As- default,supl
- Save,Select The APN Which You Created And Reboot!


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