Monday, August 24, 2015

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo Custom Rom

★[ROM] ★ Note 4 Mini ★ [4.4.2][N7505]★, ROM for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo

V10 Final Edition:

New surprice very very hard work:
Galaxy S6 Mini new project :
Galaxy S6 Wallpaper picker port mod
SMS S6 with bubble lollipop port mod + multilanguage :
Interface + bubble lollipop ported s6

++Battery Drain
++Ram Free

Calculator S6 port mod:
New button , new graphics , shadow s6 , & interface 

Multi Window themed same to v5 old note 4 mini
TouchWiz with icon original s6 + updated shadow:
Folder & folder (enter)

SystemUI S6 port mod updated:
Clock small on status bar same to S6 & S6 EDGE
Bar S Finder & Quick Hight Quality & updated color 
same to S6 Edge

New Themechooser S6:
Modded interface + new wallpaper HD S6

Settings S6 beta - theme:
Icon S6 only 5
Shadow on bar like s6

Framework updated:
Three dots lollipop , 
checkbox lollipop , 
overscroll lollipop , 
back button S6 , 
brightness background same to S6 & S6EDGE , 
Volume bar blue lollipop

Fixed text white on left-Window putted new background 
for this window

New background window same to s6

Dolby Audio :
Hight quality for audio when listening MP3 or Video or 
Movie :P

Fixed Call Conference drop
Fixed S-PEN SoftKey
Fixed Meteo icon Big
Fixed USSD N7505

For the installation, go to TWRP (recommended) , format data , system , wipe cache , dalvick cache , flash and in Aroma select backup EFS ( IMEI SUPER RECOMMENDED FOR BACKUP IMEI FOR WORK SIM , INTERNET ECC.) , Full wipe select and go to install , reboot system now and configure in SetupWizard, ENJOY 

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