Friday, June 19, 2015

Sony Xperia U Custom Rom


-Z2 themed framework
-Z2 animations
-Z2 walkman, movies and album.
-Z2 themed settings
-Z2 wallpapers
-Z2 home
-Z2 sounds
-Z2 bootanimation
-Z2 audio recorder
-Z2 calculator, keyboard, notes, calender, clock...
-Z2 icons in some system apps
-Socialife by Sony

Changelog V1

-Based on AOSX V1
-Latest Z2 Walkman, Album and Movies
-Modded camera to look like Z2
-Z2 Autostarts on settings.
-Many little changes here and there (like dialer)
Aosx Changelog
- Fix calendar fc
- Fix voice dial app
- Include apns-conf.xml
- Add multi-user support
- Add DSP and remove MusicFX
- Fix translations in settings
- Update bluez to 5.18
- Fix settings option of Launcher3
- Fix libcyanogen-dsp build
- Fix GPS
- Fix A-GPS
- Fix Lockscreen unlock by menu key
- Fix Browser(incognito mode, history page, FC)
- Disable menu button in app drawer
- Fix call via bluetooth
- Added Basic Reboot Power Menu Option
- Improved Scrolling Cache
- Added STE Healthd Battery HAL Support
- Fix camera app (labels for scene, missing resolution)
- Fix Heartbleed vulnerability in chromium openssl
- Adapt gralloc, copybit, hwcomposer, stelpcutils, memtrack from sources
- Fix capacitive button backlights
- Add settings location on-off switch


-Flash boot.IMG inside rom if you don't have root and/or recovery.
-Wipe data, cache, dalvik cache.
-Install zip

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