Thursday, May 14, 2015

Galaxy Note SHV-E160S-L-K Fixed USSD012 Final S5 Mod 4G


Galaxy Note SHV E160S-L-K Fixed USSD012 Final S5 Mod

Convert to N7000 Version 4.4.2 Flash by odin


1.Icon S5
2.S5 S5 boot Logo reset after flash
4 Setting Style Icon S5
5.Default wallpaper S5
6.Moded Color from S5

7 Rotate able home screen
8.Removed all korean app
9.Fast , Smooth and stable
10.Fixed USSD 012 (Cellcard)
11.Weather S% Transparency 100%
12.Fixed Call , Auto 3G (Can use anywhere)
13.Fixed call Sound 1000% Working
14.Internet 4G
15.Smooth Stable


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